Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be easy for friends and family to get to the home?

There is a regular bus route, which runs from nearby Charminster Road, and this is a five-minute walk from the home.

Are there any shops near Richmondwood?

Yes there is a convenience store plus other shops on Charminster Road and we are a short bus journey from the Bournemouth and Boscombe town centres.

Is there somewhere to sit outside?

We have two beautiful landscaped gardens and both have seating areas.
For residents who are unable, or who do not want to go outside we have a conservatory.

How often are a resident’s care needs reviewed?

Every month or sooner as required. You can always discuss any changes with our management team.

Who will be involved in making decisions about a resident’s care?

At Richmondwood we feel it is important that you and your relatives have input into any decisions with your care needs.

Which doctor can I see?

You can see any doctor of your choice as long as they are prepared to visit you at Richmondwood. If it is not possible for your existing GP to visit then we recommend St Albans Medical Centre who have an excellent team of doctors and district nurses.

Do you have an optician who visits?

Yes we do and we use a company called Visioncall. Visioncall can also test your hearing as well.

How often does the hairdresser visit?

The hairdresser visits every week and she is very reasonably priced.

Do you have a chiropodist?

Yes we do and she visits approximately every five weeks.

Do you have an assisted bath?

Yes we have an assisted bath with a hydraulically operated seat and we also have a level access shower if you prefer.

Can I go to bed and get up when I like?

Of course. At Richmondwood we feel that you should treat it as your own home and you can decide when you want to go to bed and when you would like to get up.

Will you let my relatives know when I am ill?

Yes we will if you want us to. However if you specifically requested you wanted your illness to be kept confidential your wishes would be respected.

Is there more than one room where my visitors can sit with me?

You’re welcome to invite relatives into the privacy of your own room, they can sit in any of the communal areas or, weather permitting you can enjoy the landscaped gardens.

Do you have an area without a TV?

Yes we have a quiet area of the lounge where there is no television and a conservatory.

Is there easy access for wheelchairs, or zimmer frames and rollators?

Yes and we have ramps so that the home is accessed easily.

Are the toilets in easy reach throughout the whole home?

Yes they are and you will be shown where all the toilets are when you arrive as well as being shown all the other facilities.

What if I want to make a hot drink for myself or a visitor?

There is a kitchenette in the lounge fully stocked with tea and coffee making facilities and this is for the use of residents and their visitors.

Can I have my own telephone?

The Home has a payphone in the ground floor hall. Installation of a landline socket in a resident’s bedroom can be organised as a private arrangement.

What would happen to me if my money ran out?

An assessment can be made of your finances before you come in and advice provided about how long your money might last. If there are any changes to your circumstances, or if money runs low, the Manager will provide you with help and advice about obtaining support from Social Services or other institutions.

Funding Your Care

Those financing their care with private funds are advised to seek appropriate professional advice in managing their assets and income.

We work closely with The Wealth Care Partnership, to provide personal face to face advice on how you might effectively meet the long term costs of the care we provide.

The Wealth Care Partnership is an independent award winning advisory service with many years of experience. Their advisers are importantly accredited by The Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) & they are approved by Hampshire County Council’s Trading Standards office. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

For a personal consultation call (Freephone) 0800 6528232 or visit their website at www.twcp.co.uk for invaluable guidance and useful tools for planning your care costs.

A published Guide to Care Fees Planning, which provides valuable information on all aspects of funding long term care, is available.